Zero Waste in technology – how to give a second life to devices

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Abandoned electronic equipment is a real time bomb for the environment. These devices contain substances that can harm plants, animals and, consequently, humans. 

Zero Waste is a chance to reuse electronics and protect nature. How to give equipment a second life? We suggest! 

Why is it worth taking an interest in the Zero Waste philosophy?

Nowadays more and more people are getting involved in pro-ecological activities. One of the most popular forms of environmental protection which may be used by everyone is recycling. It consists in reusing various types of waste, thanks to which the use of electricity or other energy needed to produce completely new products is reduced. Moreover, by engaging in recycling, we contribute to reduction of environmental pollution and also prevent waste. It is worth being interested in these kinds of solutions, because we have to keep in mind that our actions have a direct influence on the surrounding environment.

What is electro-waste?

Waste electronic equipment contains substances which are extremely harmful to the environment, so it cannot be thrown away with other waste. Toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury or lead may also contribute to various human and animal health problems.

Therefore, there are laws that regulate the disposal of used electronic equipment. Reusing the resources that are extracted from electro-waste reduces the consumption of energy and new resources. It is therefore an issue that cannot be underestimated.

How to give a second life to devices?

Many people, motivated by the desire to have the latest technology, replace electronic devices even when they do not need new ones. However, the above mentioned information proves that it is worth it to recycle electronic devices or use them longer. Here are a few ways to give a new life to your electronics the right way.


Old, used electronic equipment should be disposed of in the proper places. You can do this by, for example, giving your devices to a company that recycles electronic waste. Specialists in this industry will properly disassemble donated equipment, use functional elements, and dispose of the used ones in a way that does not endanger the environment.

Repair of non-functioning equipment

If you are the owner of a device which for some reason does not work anymore, you may be interested in repairing it. Many people in this type of situation immediately decide to buy a new, replacement device. However, they do not pay much attention to how this may affect the environment. Many appliances are very easy to repair with the help of electronics repairmen.

Selling old but still working appliances

In case you have appliances that still work but you are bored with them, it is a good idea to resell them. In this way, the equipment does not go to waste, and we are able to earn some money that we will invest in a new device. You can easily plan a sale through auction portals, giving them to the commission, or informing your friends about the offer.

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