Installation of photovoltaics – why is it profitable?

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Before you decide to install solar panels at home, there are bound to be many doubts and questions in your mind. Is it complicated to install photovoltaics? Can you do it yourself? And above all – are solar panels are profitable? We will try to answer this question

Is photovoltaics really profitable?

Without keeping you in suspense, we will immediately answer one of the most important questions. Yes, photovoltaics is profitable! And why? It consists of many factors.

Increases in electricity prices

The undeniable advantage of solar panels is that they give you some protection against electricity price increases for at least 40 years. After all, rising bills are no fun for anyone, and photovoltaics give you complete independence and are a money-saving solution.

Electricity for free?

Speaking of solar panels, you can risk saying that they give you access to free electricity. After all, energy from the sun is completely free and available to all, and what’s more, it belongs to renewable sources. Photovoltaics is therefore not only cost-effective, but also extremely environmentally friendly.

Financing the installation

You also don’t have to worry about the high cost of installing solar panels, because you can take advantage of various subsidies. The largest of these will be under the program My Current 3.0. in which you can get up to 3000 zł grant. In addition, you can take advantage of a convenient loan for the installation of panels under the Clean Air Program.

Tax relief

Owners of solar panels can also enjoy a sizable tax break, which further increases the profitability of photovoltaics. The reduced tax was introduced as part of the thermo-modernization relief, which is a facilitation for people who contribute to the development of ecological solutions in Poland. This allows you to get a refund of up to 16 860 PLN

Other advantages of photovoltaics

As you can see, photovoltaics is extremely cost-effective. However, it has a lot of other benefits that you should take into account. First of all, it is a very ecological solution. The installation does not emit CO₂, which means that it does not interfere in any way with the environment and does not produce substances harmful to humans and animals. It also does not produce precipitation, and for proper functioning of the panels it is not necessary to supply water. An additional advantage of this solution is also a quick installation, which will take only 2-3 days. Remember that photovoltaic panels can be mounted not only on the roof of the house but also on the ground and adjacent buildings such as garage or utility buildings. In addition, the entire structure does not exceed 3 meters, so you do not need to apply for a building permit.

BIPV modules

If you already decide to install solar panels, it is worth considering the BIPV modules available at These are photovoltaic modules designed to be integrated into the building, which are an alternative to traditional building materials used in roofing or facades. They can significantly reduce the cost of electricity used in a building, plus they are an attractive visual addition.

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