Headphones powered by… solar energy

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There are wireless headphones on the market that will work without charging. How? Through solar power.

Headphones straight from sunny… Sweden

Swedish company Urbanista, which produces audio equipment, has announced the release of new headphones. What makes them stand out? Urbanista Los Angeles are the world’s first headphones that will charge themselves. Other than that, they will be ordinary Bluetooth headphones that you can easily connect to your smartphone

They feature active noise cancellation and are powered by Powerfoyle material. The advanced technology in them is supposed to convert any form of light into energy, which is supposed to allow for unlimited playback time. According to the manufacturer, an hour’s walk on a sunny day with the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones will allow for three hours of music playback

And what if it’s cloudy? Then the battery will allow for two hours of operation. The headphones are supposed to charge even indoors, and the manufacturer recommends keeping them near a window.

But how does it work?

To make the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones possible at all, the manufacturer partnered with a Swedish company called Exger, which created a breakthrough technology in solar cells. Their material – Powerfoyle – converts any form of light into clean energy and can be installed in a variety of devices

For the first time, however, it will be used in headphones. Urbanista CEO Anders Andreen assures that the new headphones will combine innovation and sustainability with all the features we should expect to find in modern headphones

In a similar vein, the head of Exeger Giovanni Fil, for whom this is the beginning of a revolution in consumer electronics. He is convinced that people around the world will love the new technology that allows headphones to work without charging.

Yes, they also play music

Aside from features straight out of space, the Urbanista Los Angeles are basically ordinary headphones. With the push of a button, you can activate advanced hybrid active noise cancellation, which instantly cuts off any unwanted background noise

We can also use Ambient Sound Mode, which will allow us to be aware of what’s going on around us. The headphones will stop playing if we take them off our head, and resume playing when we put them back on. Los Angeles can also be adjusted to fit our head.

The device has been priced at 199 euros. The question is how about the sound quality, because for now we are not able to assess it. If it turns out that they do not present too high audio quality, their purchase solely for the wireless charging function (which we do not know how it works), is at this point rather unprofitable. If a feature straight out of science fiction is not necessarily necessary for you, it may be worth staying with traditional wireless headphones for now, the kind that need to be charged from time to time.

Main photo: Tomasz Gawłowski/unsplash.com

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