Take care of your closest area. Why do you need local SEO?

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If you’re in business, whether you own an independent shop or work at a big corporation, your success depends on people coming to your site and buying your products or services. If you want to sell more online, then optimizing your SEO local efforts can really boost your online presence in the search results. Here are five tips for making sure you’re doing everything you can to get found in your local area through search engine optimization.

What is local search engine optimization?

Local SEO is a term used in the digital marketing industry that refers to techniques intended to rank web pages of local businesses in a variety of search engines, especially maps and image search results. While these techniques can seem daunting, there are many steps you can take right now that will help your business achieve success.

Think like Google. Why are local searches important? 

Local searches are very popular. Whether it’s because you’re looking for a restaurant near you, you want to order takeout from a local deli, or you want to find the nearest gas station, people are always on the lookout for what is nearby. With over 4 billion local searches performed every month, it’s important that businesses think about their location and optimize their content for what is popular in their area. A recent study showed that 54% of consumers start with a search on their phone.

Here are some data: 

  • 1 in 3 people searches for a place they are going to visit,
  • nearly half of customers go to the store within one day of searching,
  • 80% of local results are converted.

How should use this strategy?

Local SEO does not differ in steps from standard activities, where the main steps are keyword analysis and selection, content, linking and technical aspects related to the functioning of the website. What distinguishes the local character from the global one is, first of all, the narrowed target group and area. The aim is to promote local businesses, small and medium-sized companies that offer competitive services and products in a given city. So we are talking about, among others, medical, catering, entertainment, cultural and service services (e.g. hairdresser, bakery, bookstore, florist, shoemaker).

Ready, steady, go-local! 

Know your audience

The first and most important step is to identify who will want to use our services and why. Well-defined customers will enable you to plan further steps, as well as prepare you to use language that is accessible to those that might buy your product.

Find the right keywords

Research is a vital part of your digital marketing efforts, and an important first step is coming up with a list of keywords related to your business. Keywords are essentially phrases or words that people type into search engines in order to find the information they’re looking for. The success of your company hinges on making sure those people can find you.

Take care of technical SEO and website design

Optimizing your website for Google’s local search results is a two-step process: technical and design. With both steps completed, you will rank higher on Google when people in your area search for what you offer. First on-page elements. The most important thing on the website is our offer and contact details. So take care of intuitive site navigation using the breadcrumb menu. Thanks to this, you will be able to present your offer in a legible way.

Google My Business and Google Maps are all you need

The largest search engine in the world, which is Google, highlights the websites that are useful to Internet users. For those interested in local visibility, Google My Business, which has mapping integration, has proven to be a reliable tool. The pertinent business card will be displayed among the SERP results with details like address, opening hours, photos, reviews, and comments. Your website becomes much more readable, moreover, indexing robots can index it.

Use social media, now!

One of the possibilities of building external linking is social media, which will also serve as a platform for communication with recipients. You can publish your products on your channels, indicate their use, present an original look, inform about new products or organize contests. If you want to increase sales, you can use these channels in addition to traditional advertising formats. The more engagement there is on social networks, the higher visibility and more opportunities there are for links that point back to your site.

Last words

Doing your own local SEO can seem intimidating, but there are plenty of ways to set yourself up for success. Knowing what search engine optimization tactics work best with local listings is critical in building your rankings, so be sure to use these tips in your next local optimization strategy. For better results you should work with professional SEO agency – you will be confident in your success and avoid potential mistakes that could cost you much more. Check out: https://www.icea-group.nz/seo-queenstown/.

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