The most interesting monitoring devices for athletes

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People who want to consciously practice sports, and thus achieve better results, can count on access to a mass of monitoring devices. Which equipment is worth paying attention to? Check out this list of interesting and uncommon devices!

Popular devices for athletes – amateurs and professionals

There are various types of devices on the market that allow us to monitor our progress in sports. Thanks to them, we can find out how our body works when performing particular physical activities. We can then adjust our workouts according to the measurements shown, and as a result their effectiveness will increase.

Very many commonly used devices fit into this reality. Nowadays, it doesn’t take long to find a person wearing a smartband or smartwatch on the street. Such devices combine a host of useful functions, among which are heart rate monitors or activity monitoring. Many of the watches or smartwatches of this kind allow you to measure the distance traveled, the number of steps or even the calories burned during sports. 

Knowing the parameters of this kind, it’s easy to adjust workouts to our real needs – for example, if we burn too many calories during a workout, more than our training plan assumes, we know that we should reduce the intensity of the exercise performed. These features make smartwatches and smartbands particularly popular with athletes.

Devices for athletes that will intrigue you

Basic body measurements do not always prove sufficient for professionals or others who are very serious about sports. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to get acquainted with other types of devices that fit into the described function.

BSX Insight

This is a device that is worn on the calf, under a tight band. It uses LEDs that emit infrared radiation deep into the athlete’s body. The radiation is reflected by the tissues, and presents itself differently depending on the level of lactic acid. The data collected by the device is transmitted to a smartwatch or smartphone. The company responsible for creating the device, BSX Athletics, also offers a mobile application that analyzes our body parameters.

Sports glasses

Few people realize that special glasses for athletes are also available on the market. The Radar Peace model, for example, is a device that syncs with your phone. It is equipped with a microphone and headphones, an acceleration transducer, a distance sensor and even a gyroscope. The glasses have functions that can be activated by voice, and a virtual trainer option is installed to help during training.

miCoach Smart Ball

One of the more interesting inventions is a “smart” ball from Adidas that helps with training. It’s a soccer ball that has an accelerometer inside, measuring various measurements related to the ball’s movement, such as impact force, spin or trajectory. The collected data is sent to mobile devices. Thanks to them, coaches and players receive solid data, the analysis of which makes it possible to precisely improve skills, for example, working on a specific technique with some problems. Even basketballs have been developed that work in a similar way, such as the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball.

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