LEDs harmful to eyes?

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The information was provided by the French health agency ANSES. The blue light emitted by popular lighting is said to be dangerous. It has been noticed that this type of lighting is more and more common.

Exposure to LED light is supposed to negatively affect not only the retina (yellow spot), but also the rhythm of sleep. As ANSES argues – LEDs cause harmful ”phototoxic” effects. The agency also stresses that the effectiveness of already used filters or glasses to attenuate the harmful effects has not been confirmed.

Studies on the light emitted by LEDs present in electronic equipment and consumer lighting have also been conducted by American scientists. Prof. Gianluca Tosini partially based the ANSES thesis – blue light can be dangerous when its wavelength is lower than 445 nanometers. However, during the day it can even have a positive effect on human activity.

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