How to control lighting?

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Being able to remotely control the lights in your home is not only a treat for gadgeteers, but also a very convenient solution. If you value comfort, or for example, you’re lighting plants or aquariums in your home, controlling light with an app or special system will be perfect for you. See ways on how to create a smart lighting system

How can you control the lighting in your home?

There are many methods to control the lighting in your home without going to the switch or even being away from home. The most popular, because the easiest way to control the lights is to buy smart light bulbs. Smart bulbs can be installed in any lamp and thus turn it into a remote-controlled device. These types of bulbs connect to an app that allows you to control the color, brightness level, and duration of the bulb. You can set different modes for each lamp to suit the needs of the room

Another way to achieve the same effect would be to use an astronomical timer. This is a way for people who are much more advanced in the subject of programming. An astronomical tim er allows you to create a personalized lighting control system. This will be perfect for homes where there are many plants that need light. You can also use it to synchronize the work of aquarium lighting, thanks to which aquatic plants will grow faster and thicken at a dizzying pace

Another way is to connect lights and standing lamps to remote-controlled contacts. Using a special controller, you can turn off the contact and thus cut off the power supply to the lamp and turn off the light. The downside of this solution is that the remote controls for such sets have quite a short range, so you have to be in the room for the system to work. However, if you just want to be able to turn off the light without getting up from the couch or getting out of bed, this is a cheap and effective option

Why remote light control?

Of course, the main motivation here is convenience. Who has never spit in their chin when, after finding the perfect position under the comforter, they realized that the bedroom light is still on. This is probably one of the most annoying situations. Having a remote control or an app on your phone that allows you to turn off the lights remotely is then a salvation. There are also the reasons mentioned earlier, which is to preserve the sun cycle or to illuminate plants in dark corners of the house, which you need to do even when you are on vacation. Light is food for plants, without it they stop coloring, languish and grow much slower. The same also applies to greenery under water. Light control or the automatic switching on and off of lights according to a set cycle also has another purpose – safety. When lights are on even in an empty house, it gives the impression that the occupants are present. This effectively deters thieves and other uninvited guests. In this way, you can protect your home when you go on a long vacation, for example

There are many advantages to controlling the lighting in your home. It is also not at all expensive, as the prices of smart bulbs or sets of remote control contacts start from thirty zlotys. If you value convenience or see for such systems another use in your home, order the appropriate equipment today!

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