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Search engine optimization is a process that helps a website rank high in the organic section of search engine results pages. When SEO is done effectively, your website will rank high in the search engine for your content, service or product. This makes it much more likely that a searcher is likely to come to your site. However, remember that SEO proceeds with professionals like iCEA Group SEO agency will be always more effective than done by yourself. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a multi-faceted process that involves optimizing both your website and external elements to improve search rankings and generate quality organic traffic. When marketers discuss marketing efforts, the conversation often focuses on keywords, Google algorithms, backlinks, and the most optimal CMS for the currently discussed site – most of the time it ends up with WordPress SEO audit. Portland SEO company says, however – at its heart, SEO is about aligning with your audience, their mindset and the intent behind their browser searches. It’s about knowing what your audience is looking for, why they are looking for it, and then providing them with effective solutions.

SEO consulting vs. SEO audit and UX audit

Working with marketing agencies can take many forms. It can be SEO consultation, WordPress SEO audit or UX audit. It is worth knowing what these terms mean. You already know what SEO consultations are, but what’s the difference between these audits?

You should start with a UX audit, for example its form of SEO work iCEA Group SEO agency has in it offert, as it is a much less extensive topic. This activity is designed to learn about customer and user behavior. A UX audit provides information about their preferences, which pages they spend the most time on, what they are looking for on your site, and what makes them make the decisions they make.

WordPress SEO audit is an activity that involves analyzing the behavior of customers who visit your website, but in addition, thanks to it you are able to learn how to optimize your website. This type of audit provides information about the sources of traffic to your site, what keywords are most important to drive customers to your site. It is also about finding problems that may affect the way users perceive your website, such as subpage loading speed or navigation.

SEO consulting is the broadest subject. It includes actions that are taken during both UX and SEO audits. What else is consulted

SEO consultations – what are they done for?

If you are a business owner or anyone who wants to generate profit through an online presence, search engine optimization is something you need to carefully consider. The fact that you may not know exactly how to prepare and launch any SEO campaign should not bother you. It is possible to find the right SEO consultant to provide structure to this campaign – for marketing campaigns with a wide range of promotion targets, we suggest collaborating with iCEA Group SEO agency – experienced, with a rich offert and many experts in its team. 

Alternative option is to work with Portland SEO company, their SEO consulting is an activity that involves analyzing, qualifying, and finally advising on the content optimization efforts for your website. It is an activity that takes into account all possible channels to reach your store or website. The SEO consultant will review the way to build and strengthen your online presence.

SEO consultation – what does the analysis include?

SEO is extremely important for establishing your presence in the market, so you need to know how to carry out the campaign for maximum effectiveness and benefits. An SEO consultant understands the market and the needs of different clients. During the analysis of your website, he will take into account its current state – where it is in the search results, how it is navigated and whether it works without stuttering.

The consultation also includes an analysis of competitors’ activities and the choice of key phrases that will be used during the process of positioning your store. The tasks of the employee responsible for this activity also include discussing the action plan and business objectives of the company, constant contact with the client and building relationships with him. He must be able to detect problems and shortcomings at every stage of implementation. As Portland SEO Company admits – SEO consulting is the best way to gain new clients and increase traffic to your website. With expert advice, you can be sure of the effectiveness of your efforts.

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  • Jenny Davis 21.07.2022

    SEO consultations are the key aspect of the whole positioning process. I started positioning from a professional consultation of an SEO agency. They analyzed all aspects of my website taking into account keywords, UX, backlinks etc., and made an effective optimization strategy. It made my website achieve a high position in search results.