What will you need to prepare and display your presentation?

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Presentations come in very handy during various training sessions and on various projects. Read how to make both the preparation process and their display easy and enjoyable

Tools for creating presentations

In order to create presentations you will need special programs. Choose them depending on your need and budget. The first suggestion would be the free Canva tool. You can use already prepared templates or create your own. You can make educational, business, sales, marketing or financial presentations there. You have a variety of charts and shapes at your disposal, plus you can put photos and videos there as well

Another online program is Google Presentations. Their big plus is that all your work is saved in the cloud. This is a brilliant tool, designed for group remote work, for example, thanks to the live chat feature. Besides, many people can work on a presentation at the same time. You can also use the LibreOffice Impress software package. It is updated on a regular basis, which means that new features and improvements are often added. In addition to the tools mentioned above, the following ones are often recommended: Prezi Basic, Apple Keynote, or Padlet Basic

Special projectors and visualizers

To show presentations on larger screens, appropriate projectors and projectors will come in handy. These are devices that allow you to display images from your computer or other electronic equipment. Thanks to them you can easily and quickly present your work. When buying a projector, pay attention to a few important aspects, such as lamp life and its resolution. It is worth betting on high quality equipment, because then the image will be clear and full of intense colors. You can buy various types of projectors in the AV Point online store. You have a couple of categories available there that will greatly help you match the equipment to the type of demand. For example, there are presentation projectors and short focal length projectors. They are widely used in education and business

A visualizer is a tool that helps when presenting. It is a special type of camera that allows you to show paper documents and other items on a larger screen for presentation. This equipment allows you to better draw attention to important points. It is an interesting item that is worth buying additionally and enjoying the possibilities it brings. We distinguish visualizers in two basic versions: portable and stationary

Projection screens and interactive whiteboards

If you already equip yourself with an overhead projector, you will also need a projection screen. You can choose, for example, an electric one. It is suitable for frequent use if you need good quality. It will be useful for conducting various trainings and lectures. It provides comfort of use and high standard. A slightly cheaper option are screens that are manually rolled out. This is a solution that is easy to install. You can hook them to the wall or the ceiling, for example. If you need such a projection screen in different places, you can get a portable one. It does not take up too much space, so you can hide it in a special case, if you do not need it at the moment. Interactive whiteboards, apart from the basic function of displaying an image, also allow you to freely write and draw on them. For many people this is a big plus, which among other things affects the decision to purchase.

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