What can you do to keep your home cooler without air conditioning?

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On hot days, everyone dreams of a little coolness, but not everyone can afford to install air conditioning. However, it turns out that there are at least a few other ways to hide from the heat – without air conditioning.

Simple home methods:

To maintain the optimal temperature, which should be around 20-22 degrees Celsius, we can

  • during the day, during the hottest weather, close the windows and close the blinds to keep the hot air out of the apartment,
  • create a draft in cooler weather,
  • refrain from cooking and baking because cooking increases the general temperature of the home,
  • switch off unnecessary electronic devices.

An alternative to air conditioning?

Another way is to invest in sunscreen films. They are a long-term and effective alternative to air conditioning. You can get the film in most DIY stores, and its cost is about 50 zlotys. We install the films on the outside of the glass and that’s it!

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Main photo: Jason Boyd/pexels.com

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