Promoting posts on Instagram – how to do it?

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Instagram enjoys a large number of active users around the world. The portal is used by individuals, as well as famous artists or business owners. The wide reach and large number of users actively using the application make it possible to upload your posts for marketing purposes as well. 

Therefore, this is an opportunity for anyone who wants to reach more potential customers with their product or service. So how to effectively add posts on Instagram to attract the most attention from the community?

A short and imaginative bio

Wanting to create an interesting profile on Instagram, the first thing to take care of is a bio, that is, a short collection of information about the account owner. This concise content describing who the user is and what he or she does can help you reach a larger audience, provided you use its potential well. It’s such a small advertisement that is visible to everyone. It’s also worth thinking about the user’s name. You can limit yourself to just a first and last name or a nickname, or add something to the name that will attract attention. However, be sure to keep the name short, intriguing and memorable.

Audience group

Another thing to think about is who you want to target with your posts. Who do you want to be your main audience? Who do you most want to interest in your products or services? The answers to these questions will allow you to create some plan of action and idea for the videos or photos you share. 

It is also worth remembering that Instagram users, when entering the portal, are primarily looking for entertainment, interesting multimedia content or motivation. Instagram is not used to make sales, but provides an opportunity to advertise their services. Hence, constantly uploading photos or other posts for marketing purposes may not work, and may even scare away potential customers. 

Therefore, it is also worthwhile to publish such posts on your profile that will introduce followers and other audiences to topics related to your business or advertised product, or photos that relate to your business. They may become a source of inspiration for some.

Harmonious whole

It’s worth remembering to upload your posts to your profile on a regular basis and to maintain a certain consistency in the visual content you post. Wanting to promote your account on Instagram, you should ensure a certain aesthetics and order in the photos you add. Consistent and thoughtful posts will not only enrich the profile, but can also become a source of inspiration. They should fit together thematically as well as visually. You can enrich them by adding various background gadgets related to the service you provide.

In addition to the visual aspect, it is also worth paying attention to the descriptions placed under the posts, which are personal, short thoughts related to the uploaded post. Appropriately chosen, they are an opportunity to create and deepen bonds with observers and other users who may like or comment on a given description. Another effective tool for promoting your account are hashtags placed next to descriptions. They allow you to organize your content or group it around a specific topic. They allow you to reach a larger audience. It’s also a good idea to create Reels that reach many people, not just our followers.

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