TV like a painting on the wall – what is the function?

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Technological advances mean that TV manufacturers are constantly giving us newer and better ideas. Devices that look like a picture on the wall are models that are now quite popular. They are distinguished primarily by their modern and original design. At first glance, these televisions resemble works of art framed in a frame. How is this possible?

TV as a painting on the wall – what is the solution?

Television as a work of art? Samsung The Frame televisions are an excellent option for rooms where a standard receiver would adversely affect the arrangement. It is also a solution dedicated to all those who care about the aesthetic finish of the interior. 

Art mode

The first function that turns the TV into a painting is the “Art Mode.” It allows you to display reproductions of paintings, photographs or other selected works on the TV screen. The choice is wide, as the manufacturer provides a collection of more than 1,400 works by more and less famous artists. You can use them by logging into the Art Store application.

Access to the paintings and photographs is free for the first three months. Images can be displayed either in full-screen or passe-partout mode. Opting for the second option, we can choose the thickness of the frame – thinner or thicker to fit our room. You can also upload images from your own photo galleries and enjoy, for example, a photograph of your family projected on the screen. 

Interchangeable TV frames

A frame is a complement to a work of art. An inappropriate one can ruin the artist’s whole idea by mismatching style and color. That’s why The Frame TVs can be equipped with interchangeable frames in two styles: classic and modern. Built-in magnets make it easy to detach and attach this item. The frames are available in several colors, both classic and subdued, as well as bolder and more distinctive ones. This allows each user to match them to their interior, as well as to the specific artwork or graphics to be displayed on the screen.

Matching mount

However, if you want to hang your TV on the wall in a standard way, you can use a matching mount. This is an item with which you can minimize the distance between the wall and the device. The displayed artwork, the matching mount and the frame will ensure that many people will not realize that there is a TV on your wall and not an ordinary picture.

TV on an easel 

A TV is usually hung on the wall or placed on an RTV cabinet, while The Frame model can be placed on an easel. This is a custom solution that will make your apartment a real art gallery. The stand is adjustable in height and can be placed literally anywhere. This is great news not only for art lovers, but also for galleries, museums and other places where graphics or other digital works are inserted. 

TV like a painting – a technological work of art

The Frame is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy an artistic space. The TV no longer has to frighten you with a black sheet that focuses your attention. With these devices you can display the most popular reproductions, graphics or your own photographs by adjusting the passe-partout, applying filters or changing the frame of the TVs. 

main photo: Grünewald

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