Water ionizer – how does it work and what does it do?

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Simply put, it is a device that turns ordinary water into alkaline water. This comes with many health benefits.

How does an ionizer work?

The device produces not only alkaline water, also called ionized water and “living water”. It also produces acidic water and silvered water. They differ not only in their pH value. Each type has its own unique properties, which will be discussed in detail later in this article. First, we should perhaps ask ourselves: how does such an ionizer work? Well, it is a very simple and one hundred percent natural mechanism. Ordinary water introduced into the device is subjected to a process of electrolysis. This happens in two separate chambers – one of them is connected to an electrode, called the anode, and the other to the cathode. As a result, the water in the tank with the former receives an alkaline pH (8 to 12 units) and the latter an acidic reaction (2 to 6 units).

Water pH scale (transl. alkaline – alkaline, acidic – acidic, neutral – neutral, natural water – natural water).

Why should you think about it?

As mentioned in the introduction, using an ionizer can have many health benefits. Alkaline water has the most advantages and it is called “living water” for a reason. However, acidic water and silver water also have their unique applications.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

First of all, ionized water has a pH similar to the fluids that naturally occur in the human body. Since similar attracts similar, this water is best absorbed by us. It affects our water balance, and as a result, the work of almost the entire body. Drinking such water can therefore have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system, for example. Alkaline water is especially recommended to people who suffer from acidification of the body. It is also very beneficial to plants. Seeds watered with it can germinate and bear fruit faster. You can also use it to water livestock, such as pigs. This will make them healthier and the water will benefit their growth. As a result, you can get much better quality meat, milk and other products from them.

Acidic water – or just a by-product?

Unlike alkaline water, acidic water is unfortunately not suitable for consumption. Of course, this does not mean that there are no useful applications for it. It can be successfully used externally. It removes dead or damaged cells and additionally acts as an antibacterial agent. So it can be successfully used for disinfection of wounds or even entire rooms. It is characterized by very strong anti-allergic or antiseptic properties. Besides, it is a great plant protection agent.

Silver water

This is the last type of water which is created as a result of electrolysis carried out by an ionizer. It is the result of enriching the water with silver ions from the anode. Silver water is helpful in treating many ailments. For this reason it is sometimes called the best natural antibiotic. It can be used for most bacterial infections.


Ionizer for water is a device which is definitely worth thinking about. You should pay special attention to the power and capabilities of the device. Some ionizers are equipped with a special port for minerals, which further allows you to enrich our water.

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