How to fight low conversion rates on your website?

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Every online business expects high conversion rates irrespective of the niche, size, or user base. Although a low conversion rate is not good for any business. Yet, almost every other business is facing the serious concern of low conversions. There is a possibility that the majority of visitors are coming over the website, but there are hardly any sales. In such cases, achieving more traffic is not enough to cut your deal. Instead of sitting on the palms and hoping for better things, you should be looking forward to increasing conversion rates.

Reasons For Low Conversion Rate & Tips To Deal With Them

Let’s discuss some of the reasons causing low conversions on the online store and tips to resolve the same. 

Wrong Audience Targeting 

Being a business owner, you should be very careful regarding whom your products are being promoted. You won’t make sales if the marketing pitch is going to the wrong people. Hence it is important to research and study your market. An online store has all sorts of tools and resources to market your products.

Unattractive Landing Page 

Website look and feel are responsible for making the first impression in front of the users. Hence you must make the blasting first impression among the users. Create attractive landing pages that can solve the problem and lead your business to increase conversion rates. No user will ever prefer the clumsy design and it can turn them away to some other website with better design. 

Offer Free Shipping 

Are you aware of the fact that the majority of websites can witness a boost in conversions with the means of free shipping? It is a general practice and users are even preferring the store that offers it. 

Be transparent with the free shipping scheme and let users remain aware of all sorts of terms and conditions. In case you’re not able to offer free shipping, make sure to highlight the shipping cost on the checkout page. 

Eliminate Additional Costs

It is one other tip for increasing conversion rates on the online store. You need to curb the maximum possible additional charges like shipping fees, taxes, and other charges. 

Although not all businesses can remove the additional costs. However, you need to try as much as possible from your end. The majority of the online shoppers feel bad to see additional taxes and charges getting added to the checkout page. 

Average Call-to-actions (CTA)

Often you need to push the users towards a successful purchase. Call To Action (CTA) serves the purpose of making clear and convincing results. Keep a keep eye on this factor or else increasing the conversion rate will be a big problem. 

Missing Customer Reviews

While purchasing online products, customers are always on the lookout for feedback and reviews. They need to generate trust with the brand before investing the money. 

The reviews of the previous online customers are what serve to make their minds. Thus, make sure that the online store should not be missing the previous customer reviews. It is one of the ways to keep your customer intact with the business and increase the conversion rate

Difficult Checkout Process

When it comes to shopping for products online, no one would prefer doing it with a clumsy checkout page. Often business owners miss the fact that lengthy and complex checkout processes turn away the shoppers. 

Think from a user’s perspective and ensure to keep short form fields, quick checkout, multiple payment options, and one-tap sign-in to make the checkout process seamless.  One of the ways of improving this aspect is to use plugins (for example, from Octolize) that make the whole process much faster.

Final Words 

Hence, now you have certain important tips and tricks for increasing conversion rates on the online store. Try to apply all of these to your shop and even prefer checking some more aspects. There is no hard and fast rule to find the reason for missing conversions in the online world. 

Implement all these above techniques and witness a surge in the conversion rate. Better shipping experience is one of the prominent factors in boosting the customer shopping journey and experience. To achieve the most flexible and handy shipping process on your online store choose Octalize as your shipping integration partner. 

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