The weirdest smartphone accessories

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For many people smartphone is one of the most important devices. Due to such a huge popularity of portable phones, interesting gadgets are constantly created to change their appearance or expand their capabilities. In this article, we have collected the strangest smartphone accessories!

Cases that go far beyond the norm

One of the most important accessories for a smartphone is the case. Did you know that there is a special case for smokers with a built-in lighter? Unusual, but for many people also quite practical is a case with a capsule drink opener, or a case with a built-in multitool. The case with an animal motif is also a popular solution, but those made almost entirely of fur, with ears or a tail is another, strange category. Surprising forms can also include a case-banana or one that turns a flat smartphone into an old-fashioned phone “brick” or resembling a real stone shape

Artificial and robotic limbs always at hand

To the category of very strange gadgets certainly belong cases finished with an artificial hand. Talking on the phone, you can feel as if you are holding someone’s hand. For owners of smartphones with a large screen, a thumb extension, which resembles a real finger, may seem to be useful . It allows you to reach where your finger usually does not when using the phone with one hand. The solutions straight from sci-fi movies are robotic fingers connected to a USB port, which can serve both as a phone stand and a signal for incoming calls or text messages

Something for music and film fans

The smartphone is often the entertainment center, so multimedia-related gadgets naturally arise. Is a cap with built-in headphones a practical or rather strange smartphone accessory? It certainly doesn’t stand out from the crowd very much, unlike the Tv-Hat, which is a baseball cap with an integrated mini cinema room that magnifies your smartphone’s image, supposedly giving you a cinema-like viewing experience. If you can’t tear yourself away from watching videos on your phone while eating, a soup bowl with an integrated phone stand, or a flexible neck holder-stand seems like an interesting yet quirky idea. If you like to sing, maybe a smartphone karaoke set would be for you? A soft pillow with an integrated speaker is another unusual gadget for music lovers

Unique holders and accessories

One category of accessories is phone holders, which can also be extremely strange. It can be an elaborate gaming mount with fans and backlighting, which is designed to allow comfortable gaming on a smartphone. However, a grip-case integrated into a case can be surprising. A handy finger ring attached to the case, often with a decorative stone is a great decoration. There are also functional ornaments, jewelry for the phone, the so-called plug charms. Party lovers may be surprised by a mini disco lamp connected to the phone and flashing to the rhythm of music.

Stands, docking stations and unusual cables

A quirky accessory for your smartphone is certainly a toilet paper holder with a shelf for your phone, or a docking station and speaker. Your phone can be with you virtually anywhere. This is probably what guided the creators of the gadget that looks like an umbilical cord. It is an unusual power cord that can additionally move. For those who want to detach themselves or others from their phones, a smartphone jailbait in the form of a padlocked cage may come in handy – a gadget for this day and age.

Turn your smartphone into a professional camera or sports cam

Some of the strangest smartphone accessories are those that try to turn your phone into a professional optical device. This could be a telephoto lens – a scope for a smartphone with a tripod, potentially expanding the capabilities of the device much like a small microscope for a camera. Interesting gadgets also include a head mount for your smartphone, or a photo grip. If you’re a fan of privacy-protecting accessories, a camera slider might not be a bad idea. The weirdest smartphone accessories are not always impractical. They can often surprise you with their functionality or unusual ideas. About whether they turn out to be useful to you, you can see for yourself.

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