The revolution is getting closer – the quantum internet is coming

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We live in a time of great IT revolution, but few of us realize that perhaps the most interesting is yet to come. The emergence of the quantum Internet may introduce a completely new quality. What could this technology become? Why is it so important?

All thanks to the advances of quantum physics

GPS or lasers – few realize that these inventions mankind owes precisely to quantum physics. Today, however, its development pays off with a technology that has already changed the world; it is, of course, the Internet

The new Internet that will change everything

Quantum computing is a field on which the brightest minds are working. The work here is primarily focused on creating a quantum computer that would be completely different from what has been known so far and that is the quantum Internet.

What will be the quantum Internet?

It is about a system of connections between quantum computers, which could be realized in theory, where information would be sent not by waves but by quanta. What is unusual about it? First of all, it is about the greatly increased capabilities of such a network that would be mediated between quantum computers. To put it simply; it’s about gigantic computing power, which can only be dreamed of today. Harnessing such technology would give a chance for an incredible progress of science, even in the field of creating simulations and complex experiments

What will the quantum Internet be characterized by?

First of all, such a network could send data over great distances at a speed higher than the speed of light. Already today it is speculated that before it will serve civilian applications, this technology will be extremely helpful in conducting further space exploration.

Quantum Internet research: where are we?

Conducting research on the quantum Internet is, without a shadow of a doubt, extremely capital-intensive, but the number of entities conducting it is not small. Private corporations that participate in some way in the research include IBM, Alibaba, Microsoft and Intel. This is not the end of the queue of those interested in participating in research on quantum Internet. In fact, it is a proof that the creation of such a network is very real

Pioneers from the Netherlands

Not so long ago there was information that in the Netherlands has already managed to actually initiate the creation of a quantum Internet. Researchers at the Technical University of the Netherlands Deft managed to connect three quantum computers to each other. This is the first ever network created from three quantum processors. Is this already a breakthrough? We can certainly say that the leaders in the race for this modern technology have become the Dutch. It also seems that reaching the point where the quantum Internet can be used is very close.

The great plan of the European Union

The European Union, which has recently shown great interest in hydrogen as a fuel, is also going on the offensive in the subject of quantum Internet. A European Quantum Communication Network is to be created. At the first stage, it is to help transmit secret information in a secure way on an intergovernmental level.

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