How to protect your computer? top 5 antivirus programs

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Is it worth installing an antivirus on, say, the popular Windows 10? Of course! This system is equipped with Windows Defender. However, we must admit that although it gets good reviews, for example, it has few advanced features that protect corporate data from thieves. What other antivirus is worth choosing and why? Here are 5 programs that enjoy good reviews.

What makes up the effectiveness of an antivirus?

Antivirus software, in order to be considered high-quality, must pass a number of tests. Nowadays, many programs get good reviews in trials conducted by experts, but their ratings, when it comes to individual protective components, are not identical. It is also worth mentioning that apart from antivirus software, a lot depends on us using our computer properly. Nowadays it is very important to protect your computer against phishing. Some certificates, such as those awarded by AV-Comparatives, are given to programs that manage to warn us against at least 85% of malicious links.

Antivirus – what should you pay attention to when choosing one?

Such programs consist primarily of a virus scanner and a firewall. These two elements are the most important, but modern antiviruses are also additional, but important functions. They include, among others, a function for protection against phishing attacks (Phishing Filter), additional functions for searching malware, automatic updates or tools for optimizing performance. Which antiviruses are worth considering?

Total AV

Both in its basic and premium version, it is considered a program very rich in additional features. Even the free version has all the components that are able to protect your computer from common problems. Total AV is also valued for its high achievements in the struggle against phishing. In the Ultimate package you get, among other things, a password manager, an optimizer, 5 device licenses and protection for smartphones. Other advantages include a simple, even intuitive interface, easy installation and high performance

Norton 360

A reputable antivirus. It is appreciated for its powerful scanner; as many as three scanning variants of varying accuracy are available. It has real-time protection capability and allows blocking blackmail software. Protection is aided by additional features and installation is seamless across devices on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


Among the various lists that contain the top antiviruses with the best performance, Avira also continues to take its place. The Avira Pro package, which is extremely powerful with additional tools and features, is impressive. Traditionally known for its reliability, lightness and ease of use, Avira does not disappoint this time either.


Bullguard is also gaining popularity among the best antiviruses. It is often found to be the opinion that it is the best antivirus for gamers. The robustness of the protection against malware, a good quality firewall and quite a lot of freedom in configuring the elements responsible for data protection are emphasized. Its popularity is not a coincidence

PC Protect

A solid antivirus program that offers complete protection for the user against various types of threats. It is also advanced in identity protection and rich in additional features. Performance and ease of use allow you to turn a blind eye to the fact that it is a fresh brand among well-known programs like Norton or Avira

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