Resolution in a smartphone – what is the best?

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Resolution has a direct impact on the convenience of using a smartphone. This is especially known by people who use the phone to watch movies, series or play games. Therefore, many smartphone users are wondering – what is the best resolution? We suggest.

Screen – the most important part of any smartphone

The screen is one of the most important parts of the phone. Among the important parameters that we pay attention to when buying a particular model, we can mention: the diagonal screen size, matrix type, and resolution. It is worth remembering that a larger display does not always translate into a higher resolution.

The diagonal of the matrix, expressed in inches, tells us directly about the size of the device. Currently, it is increasingly difficult to find a compact smartphone. Many companies decide to produce large devices with custom screens, offering the highest possible resolution. And what actually is the resolution itself?

Resolution – types

The resolution of a phone is the number of displayed pixels in relation to the sides (i.e. length and width) of the display of a given device. The higher the resolution parameter, the more pixels are displayed. By pixels we mean the smallest elements of the image displayed on the screen. Therefore, the higher the resolution of a given device, the better image quality we can expect. Manufacturers of mobile phones are aware of this fact and try to attract customers with high screen resolution of the offered devices. What types of resolutions do we distinguish?

These include:

  • HD, which is 1280×720 pixels;
  • Full HD, or 1920×1080 pixels;
  • 2K, or 1440×2560 pixels;
  • and 4K, which is 3840×2160 pixels.

So, is it fair to say that the higher the resolution in a smartphone, the better the model in question is?

What resolution in a phone is best?

Actually, what resolution in a phone is best for a given user depends on a number of factors. Different types of smartphones offer different sized display resolutions. Budget smartphones, for example, often have HD displays and even sometimes Full HD. Over time, individual solutions are becoming more common, so a high screen resolution does not automatically mean that the phone will be very expensive.

However, when deciding on a high-end phone, we automatically decide on a phone with a high resolution display. Does this mean that such a phone will be the optimal choice? It turns out that the higher the resolution, the more power the equipment needs to display the image. Therefore, when choosing a phone, it is worth paying attention not only to the resolution parameter, but also the battery capacity of the device.

Changing the resolution and other parameters

It is worth knowing that the problem of excessive power consumption at high displayed resolution has already been somewhat solved – there are phones on the market where you can choose the currently displayed resolution, and therefore you can freely adjust the temporary power consumption.

Another important piece of information is that the resolution is not the only parameter that can make the displayed image pleasing to the eye. It is worth paying attention to the type of screen (AMOLED, IPS, etc.), as well as other aspects that affect the color spectrum or vividness of the image. Choosing a phone with the right display is usually a very subjective matter.

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