Running your air conditioner in the summer after starting your car is a mistake!

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Most people, when they get into a hot car on hot days, turn on the air conditioner as soon as they start the engine. They do not know that they actually harm the car

The fan should be started systematically, from time to time, not only in summer – sometimes it is worth turning it on even in autumn or winter. The vast majority of us use the air conditioning only at one time – during the greatest summer heat.

If we want to fire up the air conditioner, we should do it quietly. First, let’s use the windows and doors to ventilate the vehicle. Only then, when we have driven a bit, the interior has cooled down a bit and the engine has warmed up, should we turn on the air conditioning

Setting the lowest possible temperature is not the best solution, on the contrary, it quickly wears out the air conditioning. It is best to set the cooling to a temperature 5-7 degrees lower than the temperature outside (i.e. go from 32 to 27-25). And finally – avoid air directed at the driver. Air conditioning dries the eyes, secondly, it can lead to a cold.

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