Modern ovens – features you didn’t know about

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If you’re thinking about buying an oven and don’t know what features to look out for, you’re in the right place. We give you a hint on what features modern ovens have and which ones are most useful in the kitchen.

Baking is the most important anyway

No oven, no matter how many functions it has, can do without heaters. Modern ovens will allow you to prepare a tasty dish even for people who can’t cook. All thanks to the fact that modern devices have built-in automatic baking programs that will not allow you to spoil any dish. Some models even have eighty of them! The oven itself then takes care of finding the right parameters such as temperature, baking time or heating method

Often we can also meet models that have a built-in cookbook in their screens, and others display tips by connecting to our smartphone. Some models also allow us to remember our favorite dishes and quickly return to them.

Telescopes to make life easier

An interesting convenience that can be found in modern ovens are telescopic slides with full extension. Thanks to them we can place baking trays even on three levels and when we open the door we can pull them out of the oven completely. They keep their level and do not tilt, and they are also protected against falling out

Although it’s not new to bake a lot of food at once, it’s not so easy with most ovens. It’s not difficult to undercook or burn the food. Modern ovens, however, allow you to bake more than one dish without any problems. Specially designed heat and air flows ensure that aromas do not mix and it is also possible to bake several dishes requiring different temperatures in one chamber. Some appliances on the market will also allow you to turn on the microwave mode or steam function.

Maybe it will still clean itself

Of course, after many hours of cooking and baking we do not want to clean the oven additionally. Producers of such appliances know this very well and offer us pyrolysis functions, i.e. an oven that burns fat and leftovers in a very high temperature by itself and we only need to remove the ashes. Some modern appliances also allow you to clean them with steam. It takes only several minutes for the remains of dishes to become very soft and then we can easily take care of them with an ordinary cloth. It is also worth checking if the oven’s plate is covered with catalytic enamel. It makes the appliance clean itself by absorbing fat.

What else?

Modern ovens have a lot more features that I didn’t manage to mention here. A contact door switch will block the door from opening during baking so no one gets hurt. Likewise, there is a safety switch that disconnects the appliance if it runs too long at too high a temperature.

New ovens also have a defrost function, sensors that measure the humidity inside the chamber, and retain moisture in the form of steam. The 3D thermo function is also interesting. It is a system thanks to which hot air is distributed evenly in the chamber. It consists of a fan, a heater around it and a series of heating holes on the back wall of the oven.

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