Mobile app – who to outsource to and what to keep in mind?

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Have you decided to create a mobile application to promote your company or service? Do you have a certain outline and have you figured out your target audience? Then it’s time to move on to action.

Of course, writing the application yourself is time-consuming and requires considerable knowledge. That’s why you should opt for the help of IT specialists working, for example, in a software house. What to keep in mind when hiring such a company?

Is it difficult to find programmers to create a mobile application? 

Unfortunately, but nowadays it is very difficult to find professional programmers, especially a software house, which would be a trustworthy choice to create a mobile application. Why does this situation occur? For several basic reasons: first of all, there is still a shortage of specialists on the market, and most of those who would easily handle such a task work exclusively for specific companies.

That’s not all, many software houses are just starting out in the market, have poor marketing, which is followed by unfamiliarity with the company or difficult to find it, even on the web. 

Another aspect that proves that it is an extremely difficult dilemma to find specialists to develop a mobile application is without a doubt the fact that by hiring cheaply, we can be stuck with the project for years. Expensive, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the quality and speed of execution of the order, but at the same time affects the finances of your company, which in this day and age can prove to be a barrier.

The situation from the point of view of the software house itself can be quite different. In many cases, it is the eventual ordering party that doesn’t quite know how to find a particular company, has over-inflated expectations regarding the speed of the work being carried out, for example, or doesn’t have a specific plan to guide the specialists. So it is a complex and often a stalemate for both parties.

What to keep in mind when outsourcing application development?

Have you already found a programmer or software house you can trust? Then you are in for a long and arduous conversation regarding your plans and expectations. First of all, specify them thoroughly, make sure that the specialists know what the purpose of creating the application is, who will be its users, as well as on which devices it is to be available. Choose, together with the staff of the software house, the mobile platforms on which the application is to run. Have an MVP created, a kind of prototype of the app, so you can find out at a low cost whether the product meets your expectations. 

Remember to be a part of the whole project, frequently contact employees, make appointments to learn everything about the progress of the work. Realistically estimate the budget you can spend on creating the app. 

Too expensive an investment may be beyond your financial capabilities. Low cost obviously means low quality of the product itself. Finally, we want to emphasize that you should definitely define your approach to the app: you want to have exclusive access to it, so indicate at the beginning of the cooperation that you will be the sole owner of the source code.

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