The best apps for video calling

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There are a number of applications for video chatting. They make interacting with each other easier and closer to face-to-face communication. Learn about the best video chat apps you should use.

Undoubted advantages of video chatting

The need for conversations has been with humans since time immemorial, it stems from our nature. Nowadays we can communicate with each other at a distance, which is a great achievement. In addition to phone calls, we can also talk through video calls. This convenience worked well during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to see our loved ones when traveling and visiting each other was difficult. However, video chatting can also be used in a group format, as seen during remote education. What video chat apps are worth considering? Check them out right now!  

Google Duo

Google Duo does not always require additional installation, as some smartphones have it installed from the beginning. The app allows group chats with 32 people, participants can be invited by sending them a link to the conversation. Google Duo is free of charge. 

It offers the ability to preview the caller’s camera image. Google Duo’s interface is considered very clear. The application allows you to block people and send video messages. The advantage of this option is the ability to apply special filters and masks.


Skype video calling application is probably known to all Internet users, if we have not used it, we have at least heard of its existence. It is believed that it is more often used for business contacts, but there are no restrictions. Up to 50 people can use Skype at the same time. The application allows high-quality video calls.

Skype regularly introduces updates, allowing call participants to change settings, if only the layout. However, the developers also care about the performance offered. It is a free application, although it is also possible to purchase a premium version allowing, for example, text messaging. It supports such systems as Android, Linux as well as iOS, Mac OS, Windows and others.


An equally well-known application that allows video calling is WhatsApp. This solution allows you to connect via chat with as many as 250 people simultaneously. In comparison, 4 people can participate in a video chat at the same time. The application is much more well-known outside Poland, making it easier to connect with people met on foreign trips.

Through WhatsApp you can send messages, photos, videos and voice messages. The application is safe, easy to use and free.


The Discord app allows people to communicate with each other via chat rooms. As a video chat tool, it is mainly used by gamers. The platform supports the gaming community with the ability to play and comment at the same time. 

It is possible to create events open to everyone, as well as only for a selected group. Players can communicate with each other via chat or talk to each other by voice or video chat. They can also send each other screenshots of games. The app was intended by its creators precisely for use by the gaming community. 

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