Is it worth buying a powerbank?

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Powerbanks are an extremely popular device in recent years. It is said that it can really be an extremely useful gadget. However, is it really so? Find out if it is worth buying a powerbank and learn the biggest benefits of owning one.

Just a few years ago powerbank was an absolute novelty on the market, which most people looked at with a wink or with uncertainty, and if someone decided to buy it, it was rather out of curiosity. Today, these devices are extremely useful and frequently used. We present the biggest benefits of owning a powerbank.

Benefits of owning a powerbank

Let’s start with what a powerbank is anyway. It is nothing else than a small rechargeable battery, which can be charged many times and which is used as an additional portable charger for any electronic devices – for example smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, etc.

Having a powerbank brings a lot of benefits. It is especially useful when you leave home for a longer period of time, and you will appreciate it especially on longer trips. You often find yourself in places where there are no power outlets or you are just on the move and you have no way to charge your phone or other equipment in a traditional way. With a powerbank you can charge your device anywhere – in the car, in public transport, in the forest, on a walk, at the beach … simply everywhere. And when will it be most useful? Mainly when you use your device to take photos or make videos or as a navigation, because this is when the battery runs out the fastest.

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Can a powerbank be taken on a plane?

Powerbanks are most often used when traveling, so the question often arises: can a powerbank be taken on a plane and used normally on board? Of course it is possible, however it is worth remembering a very important thing. Namely, all electronics, including powerbanks, must be placed in your hand luggage. If you leave it in your suitcase or bag, which will be in the checked baggage, that is the one placed in the luggage compartment, it is very likely that your luggage may be opened and the power bank taken out for security reasons.

What to look for when choosing a powerbank?

It is also worth noting that, as is often the case with electronic equipment, a powerbank is not the same as a powerbank. So there are aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing a device, to make sure that it will meet all your expectations. So it is best to choose a powerbank, which will allow you to charge your phone or tablet several times. The battery of devices such as a smartphone is usually around 2000-3000 mAh, so for full optimization, opt for a powerbank that has at least 6000 mAh. It is known that the larger the capacity, the more expensive, power bank with more than the recommended capacity may prove to be an unnecessary investment. In addition, powerbanks with this capacity are extremely handy and have an ergonomic shape, so it will not be uncomfortable to use and will not take up much space in your bag.

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