How do you turn on your TV without the remote? We have a way!

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Many owners of TV sets sometimes face the problem – what to do when we lost the remote control again or one of the buttons stopped working? How then to cope with operating the TV? We suggest!

Is the lack of a TV remote control a problem?

Remote controls are items that generally seem unimportant to us. They are just there and that is all. It’s not uncommon, however, for the remote control for your TV to be faulty or to get lost. Then we notice how necessary this device is. How many times have we found the remote buried in the depths of the couch? Remote controls can also stop working for various reasons. Among the most common we can certainly mention discharged batteries, or lack of power. Sometimes a situation can occur when equipment simply breaks down or wears out. 

So is a temporary lack of a TV remote control a problem that will prevent us from using the receiver? Nothing more wrong! It turns out that there are ways to use a TV without the use of a remote control. And we rush to help and cite them in this article.

How to operate the TV without the use of a remote control? Is it possible to replace the remote control with another solution?

Buttons built into the receiver

Virtually every television set has buttons built into it that allow you to control its basic functions. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do many things this way. The buttons support functions such as, among others, changing the channel, decreasing or increasing the volume or adjusting the brightness. This is an extremely simple solution that many people forget about. Button panels are usually described in the device’s manual, so finding out what a particular button is for is not much of a problem.

Set top box or console accessories

Many people have not only the TV itself but also additional devices which enable them to enjoy entertainment on an even higher level. Such devices include a set-top box, DVD player or an amplifier. It’s not uncommon to find that you can control your television through these types of equipment, as well as remote controls attached to decoders or consoles. Sometimes they are sufficient to operate the functions of the receiver which we use most often.

Mobile applications – a modern alternative to remote controls

The situation looks very interesting in the case of TV sets that can be connected to the Internet. Thanks to Ethernet cable connectors and wireless data transmission modules installed in the TV sets, we can interact with the TV sets using other devices such as smartphones or smartwatches. Many TV manufacturers provide official apps for controlling their sets from your phone. The Internet also offers a wide range of unofficial apps developed for this purpose, often matching the official ones in terms of functionality. These types of applications are usually very intuitive, and therefore very easy to use.

How about a remote control replacement?

The last, quite obvious method is to replace the old remote control with another model. When choosing a replacement, you should pay attention to whether it will be compatible with our receiver. An interesting proposal is the so-called universal remote controls, thanks to which you can also operate other equipment, not just TV sets.

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