AIoT – is it worth implementing modern technology?

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Modern technologies are gradually displacing the solutions we are familiar with. This allows us to move forward and make our lives much easier. We are currently witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, in which AIoT plays the biggest role. What does this concept mean and is it worth implementing?  

What is AloT?

AloT (The Artificial Intelligence of Things) is the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology with Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to achieve more efficient IoT operations, improve human-machine interaction, and enhance data management and analysis. The use of the term artificial intelligence was forged by pop culture. Artificial intelligence was a popular theme that could successfully function in literature and science fiction films. In reality, it will be a feature – available capabilities. AI is a collection of intelligent algorithms, enabling, for example, complex calculations without the need to strain the human brain.

Combining AI with IoT

Artificial intelligence is often used in Industry 4.0. Its task in this case is to analyze large amounts of data. Combining AI with IoT and automation makes it comparable to a multi-level alarm system. Thanks to such a solution, there is a possibility to relieve the burden on employees. They will not be forced to constantly control all parameters, as AloT will replace them in this. 

This is a great convenience, especially when the first factories and solutions now considered primitive come to mind. Machines could not “communicate” with each other in any way, with AloT this problem is solved. It will be interesting to see what solutions can be expected in the near future.

It is reported that the loT solution is supported by such technologies as:

  • artificial intelligence – these are functions and systems that allow devices to learn, reason and process information in a similar way to the human brain,
  • 5G – this is the fifth-generation mobile network, it allows much faster internet access that works without interference,
  • Big Data – these are large amounts of data processed from a large number of sources, all of which are fed into the Internet and are available there.

AloT technology in industry

With AloT, individual machine systems can take over tasks previously performed automatically by humans. In addition, they can inform about existing irregularities and, most importantly, automatically take actions that will eliminate the emergence of a similar threat in the future. Such a situation occurs by analyzing the algorithms causing the existing abnormality. Such action can reduce the emergence of emergency situations in a given plant. AloT reduces the costs associated with the repair and maintenance of machines.

Is it worth implementing new AIoT technology?

New technologies bring a lot of good for modern companies. By using the latest solutions, combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, it is possible to significantly improve the production flow, as well as ease the burden on employees. AIoT also translates into cost reduction and greater operational efficiency. Perfect synchronization of machine operation, better management and elimination of unfavorable events negatively affecting the company’s efficiency are reasons to bet on AIoT.

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