How to secure a company’s account on Instagram and Facebook?

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Hacking into company social media accounts, both on Instagram and Facebook, is a growing phenomenon. So how can you protect yourself from such unpleasantness, which can even lead to material losses? 

Make sure you have a strong password and change it regularly

The first step to securing your business account on Facebook or Instagram is, without a doubt, to take care of the password. This should be strong, consisting primarily of lowercase and uppercase letters, but also numbers and special characters. This will make it much more difficult to decipher. On the other hand, avoid unambiguous and simple passwords, such as your date of birth, this is too easy for potential scammers.

That’s not all though, it’s a good idea if you change your password from time to time, ideally doing it every few months. Of course, this can be a bit of a nuisance, but in the end it will provide additional security for your account, and as you know, scammers can really mess up your business and even your finances. So take care of your password and change it regularly in the first place.

Opt for two-factor authentication

The second step is also a must, namely two-factor authentication. Activating this option is possible on both Facebook and Instagram, and what does it involve? The moment you try to log in to a profile from another device, a notification will come to you, for example, to a phone number or an email that someone wants to log in to the profile. Of course, it could be you, but then you can easily enter the additional code that will probably appear in the SMS message. 

How to enable two-factor authentication? On Facebook, you’ll do it by going to settings and privacy, then security and login. On Instagram it’s just as easy, from settings go to security, and two-factor authentication will appear there.

Watch your activity

The next step for securing your business account on Instagram or Facebook is to watch your activity regularly. What is involved in this? When you log into your profile, from another account, you can see exactly when it was. If you can, take breaks of a few days to regularly check if your account was inactive during that time. If you find that it was, it’s likely that someone else has access to it as well.

Then you can go to your profile settings, the security tab, and check the login activity there. If any other devices show up that shouldn’t be there, just delete them.

Avoid suspicious applications

Finally, we want to point out that suspicious and unverified apps can also bring a lot of harm to your corporate profile. There are more and more of them, such as those for creating a “better” InstaStory, which, of course, in the first moment certainly makes you want to have one. However, you need to think twice, and preferably check if this particular name is on the list of plugins confirmed by Instagram itself.

We hope this short guide will make your Facebook or Instagram business account more secure. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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